Rushmore Composite Squadron

Citizens Serving our Community

Level One Training  (New Senior Members)


Complete all five blocks of Level 1 training 

Go to


     Click on each Block to complete.

1 - E-Services and OpSEC (Operational Security Training)

2 - Intro to CAP Safety 

3 - Cadet Protection Training (Ends with an in-person interview with Maj Goodrich) 

4 - Equal Opportunity

5 - Foundations 

If you have any questions, call Major Craig Goodrich at 787-823O

South Dakota Wing Site (Public)

Log into the South Dakota Intranet to see the private info - calendar, contacts info for Wing folks, etc.

Be sure to log into the site to sign up for the SD Wing List Server - So you'll get email notifications and announcements that go out to the whole wing.